Tuesday, May 14, 2013

#skillsoft Perspectives 2013 - other stuff

The other sessions I attended focused on talent development.

To be clear - my job centers around IT training.  I am not directly responsible for developing talent.

Some cool ideas though....

The University of Alberta created an interesting Pathways program leveraging various resources and focused on the 7 competencies they defined for being a successful employee at their organization.

I liked their first go at an interactive map.

They also give away patches and blankets.

Wonder if we could get away with "scout sashes" at our organization.
Be curious to see how that would go over.
Active Network did some real interesting work with their management training.

They came up with the structure of "bento boxes" - 5 minute snippets of formal, informal and social learning objects packaged as a box.

The presenters emphasized careful editing.
The users only see what they need to see.
In some of their programs - they only reveal content each month.

This design choice was a result of users getting so overwhelmed with choice that they didn't start at all. Find that this curation is working much better.

The Active Network guys offered an iPhone app that provides a design example of what they did and gives links to their materials.

Of course - I managed to get a bit distracted by Active Network's event management and registration technology.

Found myself half-hoping that SkillSoft would partner with these guys to improve the ILT registration experience.

I plan for my evening to be chill.
A trip to the hotel gym.
A quick meal from the in-resort market.
Some time to absorb the day....

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