Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Love and Discomfort

It has dawned on me that my best relationships - platonic and romantic - have had an element of discomfort to them.

I break discomfort down into 3 types:
- the discomfort of doing something stupid
- the discomfort of the unknown
- the discomfort of growth

The people I love the most,  the people I try my damnedest to keep close, are the ones who make me uncomfortable. Uncomfortable in a way that makes me better. The discomfort of growth.

Challenging my assumptions.
Forcing me to think clearer.
Attacking my belief systems.
Encouraging me to find more examples.
Identifying when I am acting in a way that doesn't match my values or goals.
Wanting me to just be a better person.

I don't like it when the people I love show me they love me back by pointing out my "failings".
Where I fall short.
But I know they do it to make me better.
To grow.
To be my best self.

To my family, my friends, my co-workers, my professional network.
The people I commune with on a semi-regular basis.

Thank you for the gift of the discomfort of growth.

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