Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Garden - Part 4: The Seedlings

So what ARE you going to put in the boxes - you may ask.

Remember those seedlings?

I attempted to put them in the boxes!
Visions of broccoli, cauliflower, cabbages and cardoons!


uh....they're KINDA green....ish.....

Sometimes, the seedlings we plant fail.

In this instance - I suspect they were doomed from the start.
Too spindly.
And I didn't harden them off (what does "harden them off" mean?)

There's a little hope for the cardoons and kale.
The rest...dead.

I suspect that the political / talking-to-people process in my Learning Ecosystem is comparable to the hardening off process for seedlings.

I've had a number of mentors recently tell me that I'm doing a great job of starting the seedlings. 
I just need to take the time to harden them off.
Get them a little more comfortable in the environment I am working in.
Otherwise, they may wilt and die.
Just like the seedlings for my garden.

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