Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Garden - Part 3: Rotating Crops

I have some garden boxes in the front "yard".
A benefit to living in a neighborhood with no homeowners association.

The past few years I have used these garden boxes for tomatoes, peppers and eggplants.

From my admittedly limited study of vegetable gardening, I decided that this year I would move the crops to an area I fondly call "Pine Chip Beach."  We used to have a pine tree at that location that we had removed and chipped into mulch to smother the English Ivy.

Last year - the peppers and eggplants that were in containers did MUCH better than the plants in the boxes.

So I have decided to plant all of our nightshades in containers this year.

Pine Chip Beach still gets quite a bit of sun since we had the cherry tree (trunk seen on the right) trimmed way back.
It won't be this sunny forever.
Figured it's time to take advantage and let the boxes rest.
In the Learning Ecosystem, I am also "rotating" or moving crops.  My reporting crop - to be specific.

Like my boxes, there will still be some reporting coming out of the old location (our LMS).

But we are looking to do a lot of our reporting in different locations. 
More fertile locations with possibly more sunshine.

As with my attempt at crop rotation (of a sort), I hope to gain more options for reporting and a richer crop of data.
Also, as with my attempt at crop rotation, I am not entirely certain this will work.

At least I have more options.

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