Thursday, April 11, 2013

Garden - Part 2: Smother and Replace

There are areas of my garden where I am doing a complete re-do.

Below is an attempt to smother some grass with newspapers and topsoil. 

This is in preparation for a future butterfly garden.

If you look carefully - there are still patches of green peeking up through the dirt.

Some of these green patches are bulbs. These can stay.

Some of these are a cool-looking ground-cover weed.

The debate I pull the cool-looking ground-cover weed out or leave it?

Over the dirt - I have sprinkled the appropriate Butterfly Garden seed mix.
I suspect that half of the seed will be sacrificed to the birds - who have been eyeing my progress with great anticipation.

Now...we wait to see what grows.

In the Learning Ecosystem - I've tried to smother my old development tools to adopt and grow new ones. 

Yet, cool things are popping up through the attempt at smothering. 

I find a need to keep the old development tools as use cases pop up through the dirt. 
Not desirable, necessarily, but useful for now.  

I have a better idea of what is blooming among these tools than my garden. 
I adopted new tools about 6 months ago.  I spread the seeds last week.

I also have a better feel for how my external environment in the Learning Ecosystem will react (conservative and cheap) than for how the birds will behave and the weather impacts the seeds.

However, even with progress being made in the Learning Ecosystem, I am still uncertain as to whether the revamp of this section of the garden will turn out the way I plan. 

How much of the "old" will remain and for how long.

Whether the new "seeds" I planted will sprout.

How external forces will impact my efforts.

Ultimately, I may leave it up to the birds.

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