Wednesday, March 13, 2013

#LSCON Wed AM keynote

Lots of new people this year (no surprise ). If my organization is any indicator - we have hit tipping point. Elearning is now sexy(ish)

My iPad decided it didn't want to scroll down anymore. Apologies for incomplete words at the end. And the disorganized notes.

(End at the beginning....due to my technology. Blah.)
His big thing - using telepresence to explore vs submarines. The cameras can just stay down.

Tends to work in parallel . Looking at convergence points.
Looking for gaps.
Where can I explore?
What tools do I have to explore it with?
Exploring the Role of Technology in Peak Performance
Robert Ballard

Wanted to be Capt. Nemo when growing up (cool).
Parents encouraged him
- became submariner
- parents sent him to visit Scripps nearby

When in a bad sea - put your nose into the swells.
If you turn - you tip over (decent analogy).

Occasionally you get a rogue wave that is huge and eats you.
(I try to go where there aren't rogue waves)

The mountain range under the sea covers almost a quarter of the earth.
We went to the moon before exploring this feature.
This plays a huge role in the creation of the earths outer skin.
Earth is a living creature and works in a systematic way.

Earth creates skin similar to humans.
Creating new "tissue" and killing old.

(He is telling stories. My Dad is a marine biologist , so I found this section interesting. I see why he chafed at spending the rest of his career as a Budget Analyst).

(Typing this on an iPad. Not bad. Having issues with links. Internet generally good.)

Most of the planet is in eternal darkness . No photosynthesis.
In one dive - changed chemistry, biology, geology.
(Was one of those Scientific Revolution moments that was occurring around him at the time 60s-70s)

Was looking at the volcanoes - but learned about the process of discovery.

Got what was looking for - but in a very different form.
The underground chimneys - vast mineral deposits.

Discovered that sea is salty because the river minerals going into cracks and being processed within those deep cracks.

They found a world that was "not supposed to be there."
At time - assumed that no or limited life with no biosynthesis.
More robust ecosystem than tropical rainforest.

Found a creature that uses poison to replicate photosynthesis.
This may be where life was created on the planet.
May have come on meteorite . 23% this bacterium that uses poison for photosynthesis.

Was in Silicon Valley during 80s.
Dreaming - gotta be a better way to " go to work" than 6 hours there and back.
Absorbed stff

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