Thursday, March 14, 2013

#LSCON Thurs AM Keynote

Hotbed: The Blueprint of High Performance
Daniel Coyle

"You should get good at something."
Tiger woods playing with golf pall. Encapsulate skill
Skill=exactly the right thing at exactly the right time.

3 levels of being bad at something
Bad and sad
So bad it's funny
So bad that your kids make a movie around how bad you are

One day - something illogical happens.... (Dan Coyle golf)

What just happened?
What is this space between bad and good?

The story about this space:
Babies are born with gifts. Over time and hard work and passion, these talents bloom.
Is it true?
Talent seems like a lottery here. And very vague.

These places succeed because they are good at growing fast, accurate brains.
The brain drives the muscle.
They are like ecosystems. Everything aligned towards how the brain works.

World of business is a learning contest.

1st habit - all spent 10000 hours intensively learning their craft.
- we think of practice is necessary. Don't think of it as being transformative.

There are certain moments where things happen in our brain to make us learn.
- people learn more when they have to fill in the gaps.

You made a reach.
A moment where you had to struggle. Got it wrong.
The mistake is information to give you a solution.
When we operate on the edge of your ability - we get smarter.

Fail, find, fix.

This is not small.

Deep practice has a specific feel. Struggle. Not a nice place to be emotionally.
These people put in places where they can struggle.
The feeling of that mistake is visceral.
You learn more in that intensive 5 minutes.
Want to spend time in that uncomfortable, visceral space.
The practice is about finding and fixing the mistake.

If you play a song fast enough so it can be recognized, playing it too fast.
Slowness - allows you to find the mistakes.

Push the brain to the edge of its ability for those 10000 hours.

Design a space where people can fail.

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