Thursday, March 14, 2013

#LSCON Thurs AM Keynote Part 2

Speaker: Daniel Coyle
What is happening to folks undergoing massive performance improvement?

Myolin - brain insulation. Insulates our wires. It grows in response to practice. Adds layers.
Signal - layer.
As insulation gets thicker, signal speed increases.
Practice earns speed, accuracy.
Once myosin in place, doesn't disappear.
To make a new habit - need to build. Can't destroy the old habit.

Growth proportional to hours of practice.

We are what we repeatedly do.

(He talks about physical practice, but it has much greater application. Emotional habits? Mental habits?)

Habit 1: maximize reach fullness. Find, fail, fix
- ruthlessly eliminate passive learning.
- aim for the 60-80% sweet spot. On edge. Not where can't succeed.
- REPS gauge. Reaching and repeating? Emotional engagement? Purposeful action (building what you want to build)? Is there Swift feedback?

How do you motivate people to into that uncomfortable space?
When we stare a a person we want to become- unleashes energy. (Who is your model)
One person succeeds. There is your model.
Who is the person you want to be?

Habit 2: do what you can to fill the windshield (who do you want to become?)
- promote staring. Let people spend time observing
- encourage stealing. All constantly stealing from each other.
- create a mistake club. Detoxify mistakes. Share greatest mistakes as well as triumphs.

What makes an effective coach?
Coaches know a lot and talk a lot. This is our story. But is this true?

Best coaches tended to be older, not give speeches, connect to individuals.
Through the individual relationship - can give feedback, motivate.
Short pieces of vivid information. Immediate feedback.

Habit 3: communicate like a coach
- connect (esp. Emotional connection)
- vivid concise information. No long speeches. Vivid images.
- praise for effort and not for ability

We live in a world of signals.
We are status driven creatures.
If send a signal about effort - more willing to take risk.
If talk about you are awesome at something - less willing to take risk,


Talent is really emotion driven. Effort driven.
Not about naked magical babies.

We build talent together.


Stephen Downes said...

- Who is speaking?

- It's not myosin. Myosin is a protein in muscle cells. Myelin is the sheath surrounding neural cells.

Wendy said...

Thanks Stephen! I was typing the post on an iPad and that was the auto-correct. Didn't quite have the bandwidth at the time to correct it. My bad. Also added the speaker name. That keynote was one of the best ones I've attended in a long time. Actual useful info (vs. cool stories).