Thursday, March 14, 2013

#LSCON subscription learning

Will Thalheimer

Spacing effect. Spacing learning over time.

Subscription- feeling ownership. Opting in when benefit. Opt out when no benefit. Want "latest" information.

Scheduling of learning events
- one time event - single class or event
- multi events - stretch out over weeks or year. Multiple events
- subscription -fairly regular stream

Learners subscribe
Many learning events
Short nuggets
Tech enabled
Push technology
spacing events
Engagement optional

People tend to have good attention span on short time frames.
Can you get them into it.
Easy to update
More prescriptive.
More likely to remember.

If people learn but don't remember, can't apply.
Spacing effect can support remembering.
What happens depends on design of learning and after learning follow up
Subscription learning about design (but also speaks to post learning.

Repetition works in the real world (see surgery death rates)
Verbatim, paraphras, retest, different media
Paraphrase more powerful than straight repetition
People get different things each time.

Spacing effect is one of the oldest and best documented phenomena.
Repeat over longer period of time, remembered over longer period of time.

Other info on subscription learning.

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