Thursday, March 14, 2013

#LSCON Subscription Learning pt 2

There is a wave effect that increases the time over the retrieval threshold.

Spacing may slow learning but improves remembering.

But you still need the repetition.
Got to come back to the original topic for this to work
(Think our telecommuter training. The tech training is used as a base for repetition for the next topic which is used as a base for the next topic.)

Think key concepts.
Reintroduce those concepts occasionally.
Opportunity to repeat things over time.

Delivery methods
Scheduled email (figure out how to do this in gmail)
Email marketing platform (figure out what is lying around that we can leverage)
Subscription learning platform (generic)
Subscription learning platform dedicated (to particular subject)
ELearning authoring tool.
 (I also investigated Google Sites RSS feed subscription )

Prompt an answer
- make less likely they will peek ahead.
Delay an answer
Summarize headers list

Can do test after they've done stuff
Authoring tools can keep track already
Some subscriptions, will do for you (cameo)

Do it
Try different approaches

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