Wednesday, March 13, 2013

#LSCON Ideas YouCan Play With

I had a chance to meet Stephen Anderson at UpToAllOfUs a couple of weeks ago. Just some awesome ideas. He deserved to be featured.

Basic questions for selecting "technology"
Is it manipulative?
Support self-directed learning?
Immediate feedback?
Ideas You Can Play With
Stephen P. Anderson

As a designer - we work with humans. Good to know how they work.

Mental Notes card deck (this is really cool btw)

Seductive Interaction Design.
How do we get users to fall in love with our stuff?

Laugh-o-gram films.
Also worked to bring live action into cartoons (again - where are the gaps? What tools do you have?)
Theme of his life - investing in the next big thing.
Silly symphonies a platform for new technologies.
Color, sound synch, multi-plane camera...
Always playing with new technologies.
How can I advance what I am doing?

Disney company - plants as multi-touch control!
Just uses software and electrodes.
Also experimenting with grip, gestures, etc
Experiment with feeling on device (which would be awesome on this touch screen!)

Where do people get ideas?
The intersection between disciplines, fields, culture

- self-directed learning. Give them an interesting learning challenge and environment to explore...powerful.
   Minecraft - no leader boards, missions, etc. curiosity, self expression, autonomy...

How do you leverage internal drivers?

- sense of vision picks up subtle things and patterns before it becomes conscious . Subtle differences are significant.Powerful visual imagery allows you to not put stuff in memory
- conceptual metaphors aid in understanding. (bad analogy theatre is a very useful game)
- playful interactions.  Serendipity through play.
- immediate feedback loops.
- embodied cognition. Thinking and thoughts tied to body.
   Thinking then doing doesn't hold up entirely. Really thinking THROUGH doing.
    Can rearrange to facilitate (scrabble)
    (Manipulatives allow you to learn in a different way. Process differently. Have we made our workspaces too sedentary?)

3rd phase of computing. Ubiquitous.
- seeing devices communicate with each other. Scrabble.
- appcessories. Combine tangible vs. screen. Shine activity app.
- changes in how we interact
- sensors that connect to you
(So the next trick is leveraging this stuff - wonder if Steven and Kris have talked to each other today)


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