Wednesday, March 13, 2013

#LSCON Developing Mobile LMS

The session I am doing that may be more immediately applicable to my organization.

Speaker with Sungard Public Sector (Government arm)
Hooks into their regular LMS
Mobile LMS also self developed

Business needs /user needs / capabilities

Used stepwise progression.
What do we NEED to have happen.
Quick and early betas with each step.

How do you get them to want to do it vs. forced to do it?

Need a way to measure success.
(First, define what success is)

Need to find ways to make it easier to find data for people in the field.
Issue with resync capability. Folks not necessarily coming back to office pc to sync.
Also looking at way to leverage info from conference apps (his org does conferences)

Build or buy?
If we have a successful project - what does it look like?
Everything must feed back to LMS. Can you display results from LMS to mobile site?
Can we feed? Putting stuff INTO LMS hard.

Mobile app vs mobile web. (Standard arguments)

Tech notes
Php for back end
Database using odbc
JQuery mobile for front end
Initially could not register for classes. Needed to hack LMS db tables.
Did web based. Only lost push notification.

What do your users really need /use.
- too much in desktop LMS. Don't need everything.
What classes / courses do you want to focus on to start?

Step wise process
What one person can do in a year
1) create mobile interface for first event (beta)
2) create for second event (pilot process)
3) create full mobile interface. write to database.(does the dev process work larger scale?)

Lock down the phases. Only changes and new features for each phase if something absolutely does not work.

(Essentially he is talking about a conference app development system)
Had some issues with jQuery mobile. Too slow. Right now just hand holding it.

Leaving the aicc / scorm pieces out. Not worried about courses on demand.

Keep your date picker simple (now, this week, this month....)
Big ui thing to consider for mobile - keep it real simple. Easy to touch. Easy to see.

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