Wednesday, March 13, 2013

#LSCON Cruising the Vendor Hall

Took a quick lap around the vendor hall and found the usual suspects.

Did have a productive conversation with Andy Whittaker at Rustici software.
Those folks are really thinking through the new API and exploring the possibilities of it beyond the LMS / LRS model.

An idea that came to me in Texas (and might make my IT colleagues heads explode) is the thought that there might be a way to automatically generate reportable information from wherever content is housed.

Wendy - think about a small scale prototype for proof of concept.

What if I tried to attach some mechanism for generating Tin Can Experience API statements from our  FTP server? We dump non-tracked stuff in there anyway. We have control (mostly) of that corner of our web space.

You might then be able to dump it and the other stuff into a Learning Record Store, then maybe into your Big Data Warehouse for business analytics.


That goes with the Business Intelligence strategy from my understanding of where that is headed...

Definitely a conversation that needs to be continued.

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