Wednesday, March 13, 2013

#LSCON Afternoon Conversations

Ran into Kevin Thorn at the Articulate booth with Tom Kuhlmann. Really good to talk to both of them again. Tom was telling me about this great design he made for a compliance training that had the policy in a frame for reference and the eLearning content in a window. I am hoping he writes about it in a future blog post. I point anyone who will even remote listen to me regarding instructional design to his Rapid eLearning blog.  Really cool to catch up. I haven't had a chance to catch up with Tom in a few years.
Had a big a-ha moment from watching Kris Rockwell set up for his sensor presentation and seeing Stephen Anderson's synthesis of the intersection between the new tactile technology experiments and learning. user motion interfaces. The ability to track data using mechanical sensors / physical activity. This could be huge!  Not just in terms of switches (like airplane cockpits), but also in terms of things like surgical simulators and performance support of telemedicine. Further tracking of physical performance like golf swings, VOMax test etc for athletes, maybe even using those sensors and that info for PT recovery. More organized tracking of keystrokes and mouse movement or touch screen activity (since this is where our apps are going).

The bits and pieces are there.

Again, Wendy sees something and has no idea what to do with the information.....
I keep finding and missing Mike Hruska.

That dude is fast.
Time to recharge electronics and grab chow.

A really productive day.

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