Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Finding Playmates

As I mentioned in a previous post, new people have appeared in my world to help me with this learning ecosystem. One of them is HRIS Dude.

HRIS Dude is proving to be a willing playmate and lab rat for one of my more “out there” ideas. He made the mistake of coming into my lair office one day for another meeting.

HRIS Dude is in the throes of a long overdue data cleanup project.

Data quality is so bad that we are having a tough time putting together an accurate org chart (among other things). We’re thinking of having a training element to this. As it stands, I am spending a ton of time fixing errors.

Hmmmm…. Are you up for a little experiment?

What are you thinking?

When were you planning to do training?

No plans yet – it just may need to happen at some point.

Are you willing to collect error reports for the next 3-6 months and keep track of how much time you spend on fixing those errors?

HRIS Dude eyes me suspiciously Yeah….

Are you tracking your time spent on these errors in a system somewhere?

I just found out that we have a help desk thing that was built for us a long time ago that we aren’t using. I can use that.

Awesome! And that system is already in the Data Whisperer’s reporting tool!

HRIS Dude eyes me with that “You are up to no good” look that has become very familiar recently.

So what are you thinking?

We can see what type of errors you are getting, how much time you and your team are spending correcting them, figure out an intervention, intervene, then see whether anything we did actually helped. The Data Whisperer and I have been talking about the lack of pre-measurement for months. This is an awesome opportunity and we never see this much lead time. You in?

Heck yeah!

The next step – getting my LMS into the Data Whisperer’s DataMart.
Sadly, that is proving to be not as easy as sticking chocolate in peanut butter…..

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