Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Adventures with the Aeropress

First attempt at the Bacon Taco. This turned out to be more of a "soft shell" bacon taco. 
The filling - cheddar, avocado, red cabbage, slow-cooked beef, Mom's homemade taco sauce.

Next iteration - cook the bacon more for a "hard shell bacon taco."
Still delicious.
Currently, there are two people whose food recommendations I follow:

- Guy Fieri - I find him unwatchable on anything other than Diners, Drive Ins and Dives, but to date his restaurant recommendations have been spot-on.

- Aaron Silvers - Because he provides epic ideas for kitchen experiments, like the Bacon Bomb. And the Bacon Taco. And his restaurant recommendations are also spot-on.  Plus, I'm more likely to eat with him than with Guy Fieri and he's less obnoxious (though Guy may be a really nice, thoughtful dude who reads lots of books in real life.  Don't know...)

One of Aaron's more recent kitchen recommendations is the Aeropress.

I am a lemming.  If Aaron says that the best source of sushi is found at the base of a 50" cliff and the only way to access it is by BASE jumping in a wingsuit, you bet I would follow.

So, of course, I had to buy one.

My history with coffee is a bit checkered.

In my youth, I had a nasty two pot a day habit that included the cooked out dregs from the bottom of the old, stained carafe (I was a stagehand!  Sue me!).

As I "matured" - I managed to get consumption down to a 36 oz max (most days).

Still a "coffee slut" - McDonalds, Starbucks, 7-11, overcooked pots, percolated, french press, I'll drink it. I've even been reduced to DECAF (the horror!).

In an attempt to be a little more sophisticated in my coffee consumption (and to slow it down just a tad), I purchased the Aeropress and a coffee grinder.

Yes, the Aeropress makes coffee faster.  But the time spent making the coffee is involvement time.

Think - making an omelet vs. dumping a slab of beef, a can of tomatoes and a frozen bag of pre-chopped veggies in a slow-cooker. The slow cooker takes a lot longer, but the involvement time (if you are just doing the dump and cook) is much less than the omelet.  And there is a lot more room for error in the slow cooker vs. the omelet.

The Aeropress is also a test of my coffee-making prowess. 

Get the temperature wrong, the ratio of coffee to water wrong, the type of beans wrong - you wind up with either tepid dishwater or a sour-brown substance.  Of course, I will drink both (because I am a coffee slut) - but I find that I need to be a bit more scientific about my coffee making.

On the bright side - it slows down consumption.  And I haven't even brought the grinder variable into the equation yet.  I've been using the pre-ground stuff from the grocery store that I had gotten for my French Press (remember: coffee slut).

So I will continue playing with this toy. If only to keep myself occupied with the search for the "perfect" cup of coffee.  And put some controls around my nasty coffee addiction.

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