Thursday, December 06, 2012

What Problem Are You Trying To Solve?

A few weeks back, I had a productive discussion with Aaron Silvers.  I needed an outside eye to provide feedback on my initial attempts at a learning architecture.

While we were talking, I asked Aaron about developing a community of practice.

"You need to ask yourself two questions:
  • What problem are you trying to solve?
  • How does working together solve it?
This is the binder that will hold the community together."

Later that day, I wandered into the Data Whisperer's cube to talk about various projects.

After sharing the information from my conversation with Aaron, including his advice about developing communities of practice, the Data Whisperer performed one of his intellectual jujitsu moves:

"So Wendy, what problem are you trying to solve?"

Thing is - I have so MANY problems I need to solve in my learning environment.
  • Terrible search
  • Inflexible reporting
  • Difficult content import
  • Inability to assign stuff
  • No push
  • Limited mobility
  • Ineffective instructional design
  • Simplistic identity verification
  • etc.....

The image below is a pretty good descriptor.

This picture is the 7 of swords from the Rohrig Tarot.

The monster looks really big.  Within it is a bunch of small monsters.

Right now - I see all of the niggly small monsters.
At least with a big monster, it is easier to focus the weapon.

Am I looking at a "kill 10 rats" scenario?  Or is it a boss battle with one BIG rat?

All I know is that my environment - from base assumptions to tools - is massively broken and I need to somehow fix it - and fast....

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