Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Defining Success

If you want your organization to perform you're ultimately looking at maximizing the supporting systems that contribute to the network (your organization). This includes people systems, technology systems, policy systems, management systems, etc. To know if any of these systems are failing you need data.
- Reuben Tozeman

Please go read Reuben's entire post.
I've been grappling recently with "success".

What does "success" look like?
  • Personally
  • Professionally
  • On projects I am on
  • Within the systems I touch
  • Within my organization - departmental, divisional, university-wide

As Reuben points out - if you want to perform, you are looking at maximizing your systems.
To know if the systems are failing, you need data.  I don't think that Reuben is strictly talking about quantitative data.

If success isn't defined, how do you know whether your systems are failing?

How do you know whether you are marching in the right direction?

Spending time on the right activities?
The problem I am facing is that large chunks of how I've been defining "success" in various realms have either been incomplete or felt inauthentic.

Before I determine how to best maximize my systems, it will help for me to get real clear about what direction I want to march in.

Clarity, sadly, has been escaping me at the moment.

Probably because I am still in the throes of the thrash.

Likely, because I am in the very uncomfortable position of needing to allow others to help me define "success". At least in my professional environment.  I might have allowed others too MUCH feedback in my personal environment.

Then there is that seemingly unbridgeable gap between me and that fog that I want to get to.
Not entirely certain what is IN the fog, but I know I need to get there.

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