Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Changing the Personal Technology Infrastructure

If you have been following me for any length of time, you know that I am not much of an early adopter. This time is a bit different.

Part of it is timing. My MacBook Pro has essentially melted from the bottom up. Battery - toast. DVD player - doesn't play AND requires me to dig in the slot to yank out any disk I put in there. Keyboard - unreliable. Trackpad - trashed. Even the USB mouse doesn't work reliably anymore.  Essentially - it has become one big iPod charger. A big, expensive iPod charger.

I got about 5 years out of it - so I guess I shouldn't complain too much.

I did not need that expansive (or expensive) a replacement for my personal computer this time around.  When I thought about what I actually do with my personal computer these days - I realize it boiled down to surf the net, do some writing, and charge the iPods.

Part of it is that I see real potential in the ability to access information and files in a device-independent manner.  I am also scheduled to replace both my personal AND professional cell phones. One of them will be Windows 8 Phone.  To see whether this promise is actually fulfilled.  I do like the possibility of only having to use one UI across platforms. 

I also find I am not much of an "app" user. For whatever reason, I still find myself using web versions of things, even on the iPad.  As a result, the lack of app selection in the environment doesn't bother me so much.

Part of it is that our team is going to have to support Windows 8 whether we want to or not.

I work at a University with some pretty wealthy students. This population tends to bring in the "latest and greatest". This bleeds into our faculty and staff population - whether we want them to or not.

Windows 8 is a pretty big change.  Personally and professionally (I am seeing a theme here).

Just another thing that is going to change the way I work.

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