Tuesday, September 25, 2012

TDRp: The Reports

In the TDRp - once you have the statements, you can then generate reports.
Essentially - re-packaged statements.

The white paper currently recommends three reports:
  • The Summary Report - goes to high-level executives and shows progress against high-level goals
  • The Program Report - individual reports for each program for the learning execs
  • The Operations Report - an overall view of course usage and L&D costs - pretty similar to the high-level efficiency statement, but with some project management numbers for items under development.
Looking at where our current gaps are - the Operations Report might be the easiest of the 3 to implement.
We have a project management system we can get those numbers from.  And the LMS takes care of course utilization numbers.  The biggest block to implementing this report is the cost numbers and where those might be housed.  I am hoping that my discomfort with whether we can get this information in an automated way is more a result of my ignorance of our budgeting and purchasing system vs. reality.

The Summary Report and the Program Report requires defined programs. 
Something I talked about in an earlier post.
Without those defined programs, both of these reports will be impossible to generate.
Once we DO have those programs - the money numbers and where those are housed come into play.

Thankfully - getting the cost numbers in a place where they can be easily extracted will take care of the gap in all 3 reports.

I suspect the strategy / program discussion will be a more difficult issue.

So the heartening thing about this analysis is that we are not as far away from being able to implement this model as I feared.  We're working with more than I originally thought.

There is still a LOT of work to do in the meantime.

The exercise helped me.  I hope it helped you too.....

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