Tuesday, September 18, 2012

TDRp: High Level Effectiveness Statement

The big thing stopping us from quickly implementing this statement is surveys.

Various groups are better at implementing surveys than others.  And we don't have a standard survey tool.

Of course, our training "organization" is organized like Al Qaida without the single-minded focus (a whole 'nother issue).

We would also need to decide what programs are worth the time spent surveying. 

We can't just do blanket surveying because our organization is very averse to distributing surveys without approval from various groups that seem to appear out of the woodwork whenever one threatens to try to get information out of people - such as "did you like the course".

There is also that "truthiness" factor.

How many of you just circled 4s or 5s on a survey and over-estimated how "important" the class was to your job just to a) get out of there and b) justify taking more classes later?

Or am I alone in this one......

Level 5 numbers may need to be collected using a combination of duct tape, string and chewing gum. data resources.

Again - I need to find out where these numbers are stored and which systems we would need to pull the data from.  I fear that there not be a real "system" at all.

I'll probably spend more time calculating numbers once I find them.

ROI numbers can be calculated using the formulas I noted in the post
Calculating Return on Investment and Benefit / Cost Ratio

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