Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Weapons for Instructional Design

I tried to have the Instructional Design conversation with my clients multiple times over the past few years.

What I found - the client was usually so freaked out about creating an online tutorial or delivering a webinar and the technology surrounding those activities, the last thing they wanted to hear was that they need to redesign the course too.

After too many lost battles and stressed clients, I reduced my "Instructional Design" message to - "Just think small chunks."  Find natural break points and break it there.  That seemed to be understood.

Still - I want more.....

I want to create training that is engaging.
That has a fighting chance of actually improving the business.

I'm thinking in my program, that will need to be phase 2.


Tom Kuhlmann - The Guiding Principle
Steve Boller - iBooks Author
Allen Partridge - Arm Wrestling for Enlightenment
Gary Wise - Myopic Vision

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