Thursday, July 05, 2012

Staring at Tools

I am in the process of revamping my creating minions eLearning program for the University.

I've talked about this before.

I have come up with a few areas this strategy needs to address:

- Tools need to be suited for the audience I am working with.  Ideally, these tools will meet my needs AND theirs so that I am supporting something I actually use.  Makes it much easier to support.
- Some way to nudge people towards appropriate instructional design.  Especially those who have already gone through this process with me.

- How best to incorporate development for mobile in the least painful way possible.

- Is there a way to scale the support more efficiently and effectively.  Say....making it so that I am not as necessary to the process.  I like being needed and all, but at a certain point I won't be able to meet the demand alone.  Besides, I am thinking my move towards more self-service training and support in eLearning would better encourage the move towards self-service training and support in other areas. 

Tools, of course, are the easiest and most fun thing to tackle.

Yes, I am probably falling into the "shiny new thing" trap - but dangit, it's low hanging fruit and something I am in a position to address now.  The other stuff is still percolating.

I would be perfectly happy to continue with my Captivate program, but after rolling this program out to a number of users  - I am rapidly finding that this may not be the appropriate tool for them. 
The HTML5 thing also has me a bit worried.

I am sharing my "evaluation" spreadsheet to give you an idea of where my head is at.

It is not entirely filled in since I haven't looked at everything yet. 

I also left out the licensing and cost information since that's confidential stuff, and I don't deal with money around here.  I just beg others.

The Row headers are requirements and cost/licensing information
The Column headers are potential tools.
Tools that have been replaced or upgraded are in grey.

Hope this helps.

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