Thursday, July 12, 2012

Building a Mobile Strategy - Part 1

My first step: Align anything mobile I am doing with IT.
I have it easy - I am IN the IT department.  However, it is still very important that anything I do maps closely with what the rest of the department is doing (or wants to do).

The more closely I map to IT - the better the support.

In my mind - IT is the group who should be driving mobile device decisions.
NOT the training department.
Why?  Because they are the folks who will be fixing them.

Except for the most gadget-friendly among us, IT folks will also know more about what is out there, what is good and bad, and what they see coming.  Because they will have to support those devices and apps whether they want to or not.

The IT folks I know have a pretty healthy regard for self-preservation and don't like surprises. They also like looking competent - and most will research an issue above and beyond anything you can conceive of so they can a) fix the problem and b) not be surprised again.  Respect these traits.

Make independent mobile decisions and you will have some very unhappy IT support folks.
Unhappy IT support folks will probably not help the success of your program.

(OK - I am getting off my soapbox)
Below I am sharing my questionnaire for my conversation with the Mobility Guru next week.

I will fill in the answers (as much as I can) after our conversation.

I have already given him fair warning :)
What is mobile? (IT Dept definition):

Mobile Goal / Success Definition


Who are the stakeholders?

What other projects involved / impacted?

Device support
Preferred devices?:

Current, most popular devices?

BYOD?  Expectation that BYOD will happen anyway?

Does a general mobile strategy exist yet for the IT department?

Who else needs to be involved in this discussion?

How often do we need to review this?

How can we make it easy for folks to get EVERYTHING they need when working at the University, no matter where they are at?

Solution 1:
What involved / info:
Resources needed: 

Solution 2:
What involved / info:
Resources needed: 
(rinse and repeat)

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