Monday, June 04, 2012

Mobile Screen Capture Apps

The great thing about learning publicly is that I am more motivated to back track and find answers. 
Because being stupid in public = awesome.

Above is the Blackberry version of the DAU app.  Captured this using iCapture - a very basic screen capture program with no scroll or movie capabilities.

I am also playing with ScreenshotUX for my Android phone (that I created the very blurry movie from).  So far, I have managed to get the thing to crash my phone vs. make any recordings.  I would love for this thing to work since it allows for both stills and movies.  It mentions something about requiring a "rooted phone." No idea what this even is - so more research is needed.

Any other apps you all find useful for mobile screen capture?

This is where I keep hoping that we are going to shortly hit the standardization point for these devices.

I may be waiting a long time for that.

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Christy Tucker said...

I am probably the last ID left who still has a stupid phone, so I have no direct experience, but my husband has rooted his Android tablet. It means you have root access to your phone, like having full admin access to everything.

It looks like Lifehacker's guide is a good place to start.