Wednesday, June 06, 2012

#iel12 Fill the Gap: Mobile First

Presenter: DAUMobile Working Group

Site for DAU Mobile

Huge culture change that needs to take place
- Amazing how much effort going into the marketing and communication
  + Created video clip
  + Having to continue the process of mind-changing

Most folks have day jobs + trying to move forward with Mobile.

- User Experience - access at point of need
- Collaborate and experiment
- Leverage existing
- Optimize
- Integrate into requirements process

Don't want non-discriminatory "new and shiny, let's have 10."

(a demo of what DAU is doing for mobile)

Want single point of entry for all mobile (this may be key for us - and a huge culture change)
- If a new mobile thing - shows up on the single point of entry

This was a grassroots effort with VERY limited budget.
- Get something out there quick
- Gotta use existing content.  Don't create new batch of stuff
- Has to work on ANY device.  This is a little easier now. 
  + Focus on iPhone and Android. 
  + Wanted to make sure that it was web-enabled (for blackberry).  This takes out Flash

Chose web-based
- Need to develop apps in 3 different versions and in stores
- Go to

Used JQuery to build
- Sparse on tablet, but all buttons available on phone

Started with news feeds - all RSS.
- Took the feeds and brought in + repurpose.
- Ex - DAU news is 1st 5.
- All coming in dynamically.  From either RSS feeds or existing backend database content source
- REsult - not doing updates through the mobile site

Design - performance support and information.

Some training and education stuff.  Will be built out more in phase 2

Poll at bottom - what do you need?  What do you want to see.
- Looking for course schedules / calendars / cert requirements
- (notice - they are not looking for online courses)

Higlights stuff already out there available on mobile devices.
- Facebook sites
- Some mobile apps existing in the org
- Playing with YouTube channel
- Leveraging pre-mobile friendly apps

Mobile - simplify,,focus goal, focus on what you REALLY need to do.
- User not interested in the bells and whistles in mobile
- Get me to what I need as quickly as possible

Goal of portal - DAU singular presence on mobile vs. 15 different faces to the world
- This is not where we are going to BUILD things.
- Trying not to confuse the workforce
- Audience: DAU workforce

Tools being developed focused on a particular field / smaller audience

Games site - mobile friendly, but games are not.
- Better to not know it exists than have a bad user experience.

The DAU Technical Review Slide Rule
Turned this into a web app
(Even as a paper tool - this is pretty spiffy)

"Does this REALLY need to be mobile?"
(I think this is a key question whenever someone is interested in making their content "mobile")

Instructional Design for Mobile Learning

Originally - 4 hours of classroom instruction.  Part of 2 week residential class.
- Don't really have teacher or facility
- Chopped from 2 weeks to 1 week.

Decided to redesign for mobile learning
- had 80 pages of content

How do I take all the content to mobile?
- Pare it
- Get rid of graphics

Instruction was really topics strung together
- looked for natural breaks
- from each topic - derived learning objectives
- (remember - pre-vetted and approved)
- apply Gagne's 9 learning events to each topic lesson.  This was the structure.

Summary of design tips (see this as a stepping stone for the traditionalists)
- Minimal use of graphics
- Small chunks of info
- Time spent per lesson 4-7 minutes each
- Gives testout opportunity


Resources / Time / Tasks involved in converting learning to mobile
- Had content developed by SME
- Then rework the content / re-engineer into small chunks
  + reduce scrolling
  + try to remove cognitive load dealing with the technology.  Make technology unnoticeable.
- Moving to mobile requires rethinking.  What do you REALLY want in those chunks.
  + What do you want the experience to be
- Created templates for the UI.  Consistent navigation.
- (Instructional Designer seems to be the one driving this process / serving as project manager)
- Programmer did the build.

Still early in developing HOW they are working with mobile

People WANT to work on mobile and give feedback (the oooh shiny effect.  use to your advantage)

StatCounter - what is happening in the mobile ecosystem

Have to use device-agnostic approach.  (Very true in my own environment)

Went with HTML5 - see stats.

Phone Gap - for development

DAU Mobile Demos

Lessons learned
- real estate constrained devices
- Content for users that are multitasking

Don't get distracted by technology - think about content
"Less is more"
What are the tips of the iceberg?  Then lead them to everything else.

The more political the organization - the quicker the clutter
- Clutter waters down the brand

Mobile - you HAVE to get rid of the committee effect.
- Gotta be disciplined

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