Thursday, May 31, 2012

#iel12 Prepping for the Conference

Doing a little conference prep for next week. As usual - lots of great sessions, one of me.
Thankfully I have minions coworkers who will attend stuff I can't. Hopefully - I can con get some feedback from them and share it with you.

Here is my personal to-do list for preparing for the conference:

1) Figure out what I need to get out of this conference. This year I am focusing on mobile strategy and analytics / reporting. Because "Mobile" and "Reporting" are the two buzzwords going around my office.

2) Take a look at the sessions I need to attend.
    + Programs at a glance
    + Progran Details

3) Decide on 1st and 2nd choice sessions for each time period.
Because I reserve the right to change my mind :)

4) Download the Mobile App for the conference.
Optional: If I get really motivated - play with the Events section of the mobile app and create my schedule within the App.

5) Test all of my communications - Twitter, Blogger, Mobile, the feeds between each of them. This is doubly important for me since I have not really been engaging in social media this year beyond scanning my feed reader. Bad eLearning specialist.

6) Get lots of rest this weekend.  It's going to be a busy / fun / educational / exciting week.

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