Friday, June 10, 2011

A Useful Conference Game

Stephen Martin (@smartinx) and I came up with this during the Innovations in eLearning Conference. Not necessarily because they did a bad job supplying power (they didn't) but because I have been to too many technology conferences where folks are fighting for the few power outlets in the ballrooms and meeting rooms.

How many technology conferences have you been to where you can't find an outlet and your battery is close to dead?

Conferences in older hotels or where they rented a very large ballroom cut into small rooms are notorious for this. Especially with the ever-increasing AV needs of presenters.

So what if you turned the hunt for electricity into a game?

As soon as I thought about this - I thought of my blogging mentor, Brent Schlenker. He's in the throes of final prep for mLearnCon, a conference I am sorry I won't be attending this year.

The Game: Find the power outlet! (I'm sure we can come up with a snazzier name)

Basic rules
- Limited to the conference area
- Can include hallways
- Must be a live functional outlet (as in - can you actually use it to charge your computer)
- Outlets used by the hotel AV staff = 0 points
- More esoteric the outlet location - the more points :)

- Hashtag
- Allow them to use cameras
- Maybe add clues to the power outlets ;)

Brent thought this was hilarious.

I do too - but I also see this as a serious (and seriously useful) game.

At least there is a built in reward :)

I knew my events background would come in handy one day.

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