Monday, May 09, 2011

#skillsoft Marketing Strategies Part 2

Travis Marker - Chesapeake Energy

We need to pay closer attention to our culture
- Learn from your audience

The need for a roadmap. Don't tell them when to end.
- Define the culture
- Develop a Brand
- Integrate SkillSoft [this justifies this portion of the presentation]
- Transfer the Knowledge

Define the culture - what is important to your audience?
- If you don't define the culture 1st, you are just handing them off-the-shelf training

Develop a Brand
- Market your training department! Market YOU
+ Logos on everything (once you develop one)
+ Templates for all emails
+ National Learning Week - get yourself out there (in December, check ASTD)
+ Technology give-aways
+ Swag
+ Table tents, cookies, posters, etc
- Remember: training is easily cut
- The more your employees come to you - the stronger your case
- Gen X and Y crave to learn. Have them come to YOU.

Audience ideas
- "Foursquare" location - your training rooms
- Tweet content with launcher
- Shoot short video of your SMEs (3-5 minutes)
+ Mobile
+ Knowledge management
+ Focus on short tips

Integrate SkillSoft - meets requirement for flexibility
- Rebrand and make SkillSoft / SkillPort invisible
- Support
+ Executive summaries
+ Online courses / video
- Research (the training dept can help with that too!)
+ Books 24/7
+ Knowledge Centers
- Certify
+ Knowledge Centers

Transfer the knowledge
- Still working on ways to transfer organizational knowledge from the traditionalists / boomers to the Gen X/Y folks

Chesapeake uses a SharePoint Portal page as their front end, masked so it doesn't look like SharePoint. Integrated with SkillPort.
Sorry all - this presentation left me cold. Wasn't certain where he was headed with this. Particularly discussions around his company's fabulous wellness program and what our own companies are doing.

Maybe I'm just cranky.

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