Thursday, November 04, 2010

#DL10 Morning Keynote

Presenter: Brent Schlenker

What is the new face of learning?
- Customized learner experiences
- social

You will start to see this theme throughout. Being social - across media, space, time. In person and virtual.

It is NOT about the technology. At the end of the day - about you and the people.

How do you get your learners to connect with you and other professionals.

Technology to help people connect.

The New Know
Presenter: Thorton May

"The challenges you face are real. They are serious and many. They will not be met easily or in a short span of time." - President Obama

We are the most important element of society - the teachers.

We are in a unique moment in economic history. (not necessarily unprecedented)

(Dude, this guy talks fast.....hopefully, someone gets video)
(This video may give some idea)

He is a futurist.
- "Not like this is a real job...."
- or demand and demo

He is an empirical futurist. Well-connected. Travel. Brutally hones. Pathologically observant.
- Goes through 1000 business cards a week
- Takes the business cards and type into a word document

"Your network will keep you safe." your human network.

This is an opportunity to create a keep you safe network.

3 questions
- What do you know?
- What do you need to know?
- How do you come to know?

Catherine Schulz - Be Wrong, Adventures in the Margins of Error

Because we live in a Web 2.0 world

- Which historical moment most closely resembles the situation we find ourselves in today?

(we came up with the Printing Press)

We as educators will have to be extraordinary pattern recognizers.
- When the mic to you - the energy level went UP
- We are working on behavioral change as a result of knowledge

Most of the enterprises we are trying to implement change into - they are EXHAUSTED.

Add up the multitasking - we are working a 43 hour day.

we need to give the mic up.

Ever since Socrates - professors have known
- Sitting in the back of the room somehow protects you - not!

Other ideas for similar times
- beginnings of eLearning
- More folks got Printing press (way of sharing info). From the cheers, lots had a similar idea
- Horses to motorcars
- Space race
- Plastics
- Hunter gatherer to agriculture.
- Writing

History doesn't repeat itself - but it rhymes....

What patterns / trends do you see in the responses?
- Technological catalyst
- How do you make a spike?

Thorton May - we ARE the spike

Differences - catalyst could be from any aspect of existence (audience)
- clarify, not instantaneous. Eventually affects everyone

Trap in question like this, by looking at the past we try to use the past as a framework for prediction. This never works (audience). This could be futile.

Thorton May - history can inform. But not six sigma. Let's make new mistakes, not old mistakes.

Power change - all of these technologies and spikes are about power change (audience)

Responses from other groups / audiences
- FDR, the day after Pearl Harbor
- We are criminally unprepared.

Civil War
- illustration of what we are facing. We turn the corner having no idea what is around.
- (please see Pickett's Charge)

We are at a major inflection point.
- The TEACHERS are.

Liminal point - the most awkward point in time when the stable was empty but was rebuilt into a garage

When the C level hears eLearning - what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Cisco - eLearning will make email look like a rounding error

Real trend is - there are these tribes and they think differently
- How are you thinking?

As educators - we need to look at mental models
- Our mental models can be dysfunctional. Should be monitored, managed and upgraded
- Who looks at this in their educational environment?

With regard to learning
- agree / high resources = champions
- agree / low resources = allies
- disagree / low resources = don't care
- disagree / high resources = blockers (gotta figure out who they are and what to do with them)

For us - our impulse is to "educate" the blockers.
- How are you going to "move" them?

Many disciplines advance one funeral at a time.

Have you ever put that blocker's resume on Monster? (hm.......)

The thing about blockers, many of them have children.
- Many as "dim" as they are......
- Hire the kid as admin assistant. Will change the relationship. Took hostages.

How does the rest of the enterprise think about eLearning?
Are we of one mind?
What are we going to do about that?

CEOs think about - competition, revenues, changing landscape, franchisees, execution and risk.

What 3 ways the world we be different 3 years from now?
(We didn't come up with much - audience)
- Intersection between games and learning
- Information will be free. Remember: information itself is NOT learning.
+ the cost point may be in the learning
- More telecommuting / remote
- More global
- Removal of command and control
- We are exfoliating the folks at the top of the enterprise
- mobile device will replace the computer
- ecommerce and communication tighter. Conversion of languages at point of need.
- large population that will still need to be successful without the technology.
- students: more self-reliant. Learning more self-propelled. We need to facilitate.
- we need to share our stuff more

Generational issue is a pattern
- Use of social media is a learning technology. But they see it as a living technology

Change is happening - the monster pattern

Technologies don't last forever.
- Technologies become non-strategic
- We need to manage the entire lifecycle

One way things are going to be different - acceleration

Alvin Toffler - Future Shock.
- We are going to have problems keeping up
- As things change, the power relationship changes

Hinges of history swinging now every 5 years.
- Major reboot. Technolgy, social, cultural

New world, new game, new rules, new behaviors
- Who is going to teach this?
- We are

The pace of change is NOT UNIFORM
- Highest opportunity is to understand where the disconnects are with the pace of change
- Desynchronization
- We can help the organization re-synchronize

Currently have disconnect between storage and processing of info

Every day NSA stores 4x all the info in the Library of Congress.
- they can only put Eyes on 50%. Never mind processing it.

15 years - every molecule on this plannet will be IP addressable.
- Oracle..."That's a license!" (yikes)

In the next 4 year - 2x as much data as today!

Information overload is a feature! What does all that info mean?
- There is nothing we cannot know!!!!
- We are the path to that knowledge

What is going to be obsolete next? (Charlie Rose)
Ignorance (CEO Intel)

It is no longer acceptable not to know.
- You will be SHUNNED by society

Teachers will be the only affordable path out of ignorance.

We are going to have instant replay for any managerial decision that happens.

Is eLearning under-Caesared?
- The amount you are asking for my ransom is not enough - ask double.
- What part of value happens without what we do.

We need to increase our self-worth.
- We are insanely valuable.

Did the people in the Middle Ages KNOW they were living in the Middle ages?
- No concept of progress

We are the progress!

Do the men and women in our organization KNOW we are at a hinge in history.

When you light the rocket - will you have a happy puppy?

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