Tuesday, November 02, 2010

#DL10 High Impact Learning Communities Pt 2

For my example (and goals) I am trying to develop a community of Banner users.

I'll provide the link when everything is finished.

One thought about participation
- remove anonymity and attach value to participation
- 90/9/1 rule

Make sure you gain support and buy in from the beginning. Especially from leadership and key stakeholders.

Key objections
1) I (or my people) don't have time
2) Someone might put up the wrong information
3) Our team already has a wiki
4) Who is going to monitor it?
5) Die on the vine - no one will visit
6) Not secure
7) We already have another tool (LMS, etc)
8) We could get sued (discoverable)
9) Insufficiently transparent or TOO transparent
10) costs too much
11) Not enough controls
12) Unintended use of information
13) My folks won't use this medium
14) Folks will be afraid to post / make mistakes
15) won't meet the tech specs
16) They are going to need yet another login / tool fatigue
17) but we have email!
18) How are you going to prove this works? can't measure this works. Can't quantify in dollars
19)people will be twittering all day
20) Have to get IT involved
21) Not fitting IT roadmap
22) What are the other divisions doing? Duplicating effort?

Most successful communities when looking at cost/benefit use the top-line revenue growth argument vs. saving benefit (employee time/salary etc)

Oh yes - and make friends with the IT department.

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