Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Update on Life and Stuff and Things

I had the Captivate 5 post hanging out for the past month. Partially to really put the product through its paces. Partially because I just haven't had time to write much.

Work Things

Been extra-special busy at work this past year. There will be a write-up of the SkillPort LMS project in the near future.

I've had a number of online tutorials out for review for 6-12 months that are finally coming back to me. One of the bonuses working for a university - they move slooooooow. Managed to get one set up and should have the 2nd (larger and more complicated) set completed by the end of September. Good times.

My audio recording tools + Windows 7 = bad juju. I think I may finally have the gremlins trained.

Michael, the web guy, has been freed from my clutches. After working together through an amazingly complicated project, he's taken that project and his other assignments and run with them. I tell him every day how thankful I am to have real help.

Personal Stuff

Shelving the going back to school thing for now.
1) As much as I tried to talk myself into it, my heart just wasn't in it.
2) Life got a little crazy

My significant other and I are purchasing a house. We will be moving in early September. I learned some things about house-buying.
1) There are a LOT of people who want their fingers in your money

2) The process is amazingly complicated

3) It takes just one crazy person (in our case, the listing agent for the house we are buying) to make the process even less pleasant than buying a car or getting teeth pulled. That's saying something.

4) It is very important to have a great buyers agent to smooth things over when the crazy person attacks. I sense that for 95% of real estate transactions, there is at least one crazy person in the mix.

5) I hope to not do this again anytime soon.

What little spare time I have had left has been spent at the gym. More as a sanity check than anything else.

I'd like to thank the more consistent bloggers and tweeters for keeping me informed and up-to-date with doings in the eLearning space. I've been taking much more than I have been giving recently. You have no idea how much I appreciate the input and ideas.

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