Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How I Use Facebook

My use of Facebook, as well as the types of friends on it, has evolved over the past couple of years.

Current friend makeup - part professional, part co-workers, part current friends / acquaintances / family, part folks from high-school / college.

I am finding that this has been the best way to keep up with folks that I actually want to talk to from 20+ years back. Better than trying to write letters / xmas cards. Better than trying to dig up some outdated phone number / e-mail / physical address. I catch up with them. They catch up with me. We can see what interests each of us currently have. And, thankfully, most of my friends update with cool links / video etc. Not just "FML! I hate my job!" That would make reading my feed depressing.


I've been playing a couple of Facebook games. Unfortunately, I find they quickly devolve into the "doing chores" variety. My Tribe is starting to feel like that. Gave up on Social City pretty quickly. Lots of friends on Frontierville - so I may join them to see if the social thing improves the experience or just makes me feel obligated to do chores.


Best use of Facebook - library of links and videos that I find interesting that I do not necessarily want to organize. Sadly, many of these videos seem to feature Muppets. I guess that is not a bad thing.

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