Wednesday, June 02, 2010

#IEL2010 Gaming to Go questions

Published too quickly...questions came slowly.

The struggle to implement with others
- People are still in event model.
- Want to do mobile things in the event.
- Some technology

Also - people just want the lesson (5 minutes), not the learning.
- Can be valid if the person knows what they need.

We need to tap into emotion - not just cognition

Pushback from the client about the alternative reality game solution
- Client was eager, but when he left - a bit too ambitious for successor.
- Potential issues
+ Don't want to have unsolicited emails, give away my cell phone etc

Innovation is going to require organizational change management
- Sell on benefits
- Incentive to perform
- Gotta manage the process until either accepted or shut down
- Gotta have clear value proposition

People's fear of experimentation is holding back business.

Is designing cooperation harder than designing competition?
- Cooperation harder to tune
- Require extra level of engagement
- May be type of game that works better for this (exploration and discovery)

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Clark said...

I want to change my answer about creating collab games versus competition: on reflection, just need to make the individual's success dependent not on the others' lack thereof, but instead on their success too!