Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Random Mind Dump

Some good debate on the Wave as to whether having an LMS as a portal is a good idea.

Here is my situation:
- Lots of information scattered among multiple domains
- VERY hard to find what you need
- Multiple training groups sprouting like weeds across the organization

My conclusion: ANYTHING is better than nothing and we can clean it up later. If I've got one place, no matter how imperfect, I can point people to - we've won.


I ran into Sally early one morning and had the same discussion.

What would the ideal training environment look like?

One that takes care of everyone's needs
- Organizational need for reporting
- Rapid ability to post / update materials
- Easy access
- Synchronous / Asynchronous as needed
- Anything else a student / trainer / learning organization desires.

We debated whether the technology was truly there yet.

I think the technology is there. I'm not entirely certain we are clear on what we REALLY want.


Thanksgiving is a very important holiday for my family. More so than Xmas, Easter or New Year.

I spent many holidays away from home.

Many holidays working.

The most memorable holiday season was spent in Kentucky. I was "the local" working the laser show at the Kentucky Horse Park Xmas spectacular. Stone Mountain Lasers had been contracted to do the laser show that year. Good opportunity to see my friends from Georgia and make some badly needed money.

On Thanksgiving day, Cutry, Armin and I ordered some pizza. Armin smuggled in a bottle of Frexinet and plastic cups. Listening to the endless 90 minute loop of christmas carols, we regaled each other with stories of family Thanksgivings and favorite meals. This process repeated itself over Christmas and New Years. 3 people away from family and friends bonding over cold pizza and christmas carols.

I am grateful that I am finally at a point in my life where I can spend the holidays with my family and not at work.

Grateful that I don't have to hold down 2 or 3 jobs anymore in an attempt to make my way in the world. It's only been 5 years since I have had the luxury of only 1 job. As hard as I work, I do not take the luxury of this time for granted.

Also grateful for the holidays I spent away from home. For it makes times like this that much more important.

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