Thursday, October 22, 2009

Question 3 - Tell me about your LMS!

Do you find the LMS enhanced learning?

(Question from @mkfrie)

I'm looking for honest feedback. Any comments welcome!


Anonymous said...

If i discussed outside the LMS my opinions I may be put against the firewall and shot or virused or what ever the 21st C relative comparison is....going anon on this one wendy :(

ask me in feb - will be loud and proud then! trust me!

Judy Unrein said...

Great question, Wendy!

I was at a local learning/technology conference yesterday and one of my peers (who I'll keep anonymous) did a great presentation on some short, just-in-time videos/screencasts that her department had done. I thought one of the most interesting points she made was that at this time, they aren't bothering to put them in their LMS, because they're just interested in people getting the training (which they want to make as easy as possible)... they aren't interested in tracking it.

We have done some similar projects and we have taken the same approach... the LMS just takes too much time for people to get into and find what they need.

So... does that answer your question?