Thursday, October 22, 2009

LMS/CMS as Personal Learning environment?

Less focus on information dissemination,knowledge management and more focus on facilitating personal learning environment development for students.
- Sue Hixon (aka @EvilSue - thanks for IDing yourself!!!!!)

Ah yes, an issue that has dogged the instructional technology community for years.

Doug Holton, in a recent post, pointed to a 2002 Educause article on this exact topic.

I know for the LMS I am working with (which is REALLY an online course library with some reporting functions), setting this up to provide ALL of the potential tools one would need to truly develop a personal learning environment would be impossible.

First, we would want to list every tool that should be in that environment.

Then - find ways to make it easy to share stuff created using other tools outside the environment (something my LMS does not have).

It is probably too much to ask 1 tool to do everything.

I've worked with those tools (Electronic Medical Records, enterprise business systems, etc) and I find that they often do nothing particularly well.

In my case, this may be an instance of leveraging what is already there and what the tool provides (a large library of content) and finding ways to link it to other tools with more useful features (sharing capacity, better reporting, etc).

After, of course, we get the requirements from the stakeholders ;')

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