Friday, October 23, 2009

Keeping Momentum

Sally (not her real name) is one of our stakeholders. She comes from another training group that happens to have the ear of the Executive VP. Since my last discussion with my Control freak, she has let herself be co-opted into our developing administrative group for this LMS.

Much to the dismay of the control freak, I've given her administrative access too.

So now, there are 3 of us.



Our stakeholders meetings have bogged down. This has made us a bit concerned. Sally contacted me the other day:

I really don't want to lose momentum. How can we get this out to the public with what we have?

Well, we have been doing some guerilla change management. B (one of the other trainers) figured out a way to send direct links while still authenticating through our LDAP. We have been sending follow-up emails with those links to the LMS.

But there's got to be more that we can do! If we can prove business value with what we have, it will be much easier to get resources.


Just look at the certification courses in here! That's many thousands of dollars right there!

(We crunch some numbers)

If we can just get more people to use it - it will be a no-brainer! Then we will get the resources we need!

And if nothing else, we will continue the change management process in the university among the rank and file. Getting folks more used to looking online for resources. We already have over 2000 users. Not bad for a system that hasn't even been formally implemented yet.

If all goes well, this thing could be like the old Faberge shampoo ad.

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Janet Clarey said...

I wonder what "organic" was back in the 80s. Actually, I wonder if it's the same as "organic" today.