Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Things I Got Wrong

The Tech Lead hunkers over her laptop, brow furrowed.

She looks up at the trainer, the last person in the room after a very long day.

Tech Lead: Why is everyone channeling their content in Search for Program?
Trainer: I told them to do it. Guess that's not right, huh.
Tech Lead: No - something else goes in there.
Trainer: My fault. Sorry.

Guess who the trainer is?

This scenario has happened multiple times this past week. In this particular instance, it was an easy fix.

Biggest error of the week essentially forces one team to completely rechannel and republish 300+ content items.

Making extra work for the tech team = bad.
Making extra work for the end-user = inexcusable.

Where I went wrong: I did not test the process once the code was up. I took the developer's word for how it works.

Lesson learned.

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