Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 3: Eliminating One Variable

The development team had a productive weekend. The system was up, running and twice as fast as before. Hooray for the Development Team! Hooray for getting rid of the crash variable!

Still had to fight through permissions (expected) and some technical issues (a result of my room being filled with Frankencomputers, not the application).

I am still finishing classes with the unmistakable feeling that I am not making any sense.

Maybe I tried to do too much at once in the instructional design. I tried to make the design applicable to both the implementation (where a tremendous amount of bulk entry needs to occur and which requires 1 process) and future editing (another process that is admittedly much easier when looked at by itself). Judging from the increasing confusion at the 1 hour mark, this may be too much.

I am still struggling with ways to communicate how to direct content into the site. Not just the notion of "channels" but with how to choose the appropriate content type for your page. It's much easier when they do everything from Preview - but I've run into too many instances where the pages they expect to load don't exist, or the wireframes aren't right, or there is misunderstanding / miscommunication regarding how things work.

I've also run into too many people who have been told they need to come to training, but don't know why. I had practically an entire class of that this morning. Thankfully, the manager who dragged that team in there told them, and me, that this was purely informational. Good thing, because I don't think anyone in that class got anything out of the 90 minutes other than time away from their desk.

The two people who are doing the actual work for this phase (the manager and his most tech-savvy subordinate), thankfully, DID get something out of the session and got even more out of the post-session work time. Why I am happy that we made sure this was a workshop with real work rather than a churn and burn training.

I dunno.... something still isn't sitting right with me and the way I feel this training is going. And I can't quite put my finger on it.

Maybe I'll find a solution tomorrow.....

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