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#IeL09 Web 3D and eLearning

Presentation: Web 3D and eLearning
Presenters: Dan Bilton, Cary Hart Booz Allen Hamilton

ATLAS Pro (Gov't LMS) - DAU

Used multi-verse engine. MMOPG - physics ed. LunarQuest
- Play as cadet on colony - sci fi
- Flash mini-games embedded inside

REal-time 3D - interactive 3D rendered on the fly
Non-real time 3D - 3D animated sequences rendered previously (Pixar Movies)
Web 3D - real time 3D run on the web
Persistent world - virtual worlds that exist even when the user logs out (2nd life)
Non-persistent world - virtual world that does not change when you log out. (simulators)

What is needed
- easy to use tool that enable designers and developers to produce a 3D virtual world activities - that run in a web browser without the need for additional applications or plugins (e.g. Flash)
- We may be a year from the above happening.

US Nexus -- does not run directly in browser. Do have to run something on machine.
- need holy grail of easy to produce, run on everyone machine.

BopIt extreme [[we didn't get very far]

What types of things good in a 3D world - which activity good and solid
- Interacting and touring. If not doing it in 3D outside of the world - why are you getting into 3D world.
- If you are just doing a meeting - why go through the effort of 3D?
- Lately going to meetings in 2nd life - powerpoint. Why are we not using webex, Adobe Connect?
- Ad Hoc discussions - if there is a room set aside - can do ad hoc if folks hang out in the area

Remember - there is a technology hurdle to implement this.

Why is this relevant to you?
- if want to get a closer look - can look at a different angle.
- Unity is just in a browser. Uses small plugin - similar to flash. Might be smaller. (about $400). Similar learning curve to Flash. Flash developers learn quickly.
+ One of first viable Web 3D technologies
+ Came up quickly
+ Still looking for thing that doesn't require ANY plugin
+ Video card dependent. Laptops that can't run second life - can run this
+ If keep complexity of scene down - easier.
+ Rooms contained, limited colors.
+ This particular instant - non-persistent, reset. Can be used for non-persistent worlds.
+ Can make them a multi-player world. Can be make persistent world.

Again - focus on what you want to achieve with the instruction.....

Flash is still a 2 dimentional engine.
- Someone must be a very hardcore programmer
- JUST became possible to do 3D in Flash
- Unity renders better.

3d allows different perspectives
- Web allows centralized location, link out to other assets, etc

How far away - 3D tools for assessment?
- the big question - do you NEED to ask the question in 3D.
- Designed to have people DO something

Gotta have quite a few different skillsets on your team to currently build a 3D world.
- Can build a nice world over a weekend. But it took 3 or 4 people.

Benefits - 3D world
- immerse learner
- allow learner to explore impacts
- replay scenarios - several times and limitless angles (look at Madden Football)
- No need expensive equipment or travel - bring the environment to you
- Many also have VoIP (still a bit clunky)

Benefits - Web-based 3D world
- Centralized nature of content allow for single point of change
- Ability to link to supporting content
- Integration with other media
- Trackable via LMS
+ Client-based VW also trackable, but more difficult)

ITIC - training simulation conference 1 example of use.
- Soldier in booth - running through world
- Coach watching remotely
- Can replay the simulation and analyze

2nd life - download client. When change code - download client again
- Can now launch HTML files
- Hard to embed 2nd life into HTML doc

- VIsible Body (Unity)

Concept to operator - what actually happens.
- Give you multiple perspectives
- Multiple person does make it trickier for team events.....

[Demonstrated FAA prototype Booz Allen is using. Demonstrating first person 3D integrated into Flash and HTML]

They have used other media engines
- Shockwave - problem, lost out on fidelity. Never improved it.
+ no good lighting and shadowing
+ didn't tweak the physics.

March - came out with a platform that runs on Windows. Was MAC

Unreal and Torque 3D -
- Torque 3D Web Accessable, but whenever upload, creates new plugin for each game.
- Web.ALive - 19 meg download, then have to download the world.

Non-persistent - simulators
Persistent - dialogs and role plays

As features increase, the worlds become closer.

Of course what we really want is easy to use and no or pre-existing plugin.

1st thing to do - get exposure for yourself
- Play the games
- Second life! (lots of good simulators and things to manipulate etc)
+ They are developing second life through firewalls

Remember - do you really need 3d for this objective?

3D VWs - good when interacting in 3D.
- go to predefined area.

Think about what games do - explore, cooperation if multiple people
- You Had To DO Something

We do powerpoint because its easy.....

The spatial is important
- you can also do 3D audio. (this is newer)

[ note to self - may be time to go back into Second Life...been a long time ]

People can spend time on avatars, have anomations, Can see representations.
- We still don't have enough animation on the face
- Plus really need the audio.

Actually USE the 3D world.
- Don't show the flowchart - do it!!!!

Web 3D has actually been around since 1995 (VRML 1.0)
- 1998 - Java3D Rel 1
- Became really more sophisticated in 2004 (X3D, Java3D Rel 2)

Can make Web3D SCORM conformant
- Through API calls from JavaScript
- Web 3D does not have sandbox issues (permissions with communication) because running through the web. Issue with standalone 3D.
- As long as you can tap into API - you are good

Able to integrate with other technologies
- Can run video through Web3D.
+ Make "texture"
- Link to other resources
- Other instructional materials can be located within same or new browser window.

New features being added constantly.

[remember: will need to do re-evaluation of technologies as they mature]

Cost and metrics to develop.WMATA systems integration 3D Demo totally from scratch.
- Built in a weekend, 3 people
- 1 - oversight and a bit of programming
- 1 real-time 3d modeler
+ Can make high quality, low polygon count
- 1 javascript
- 24 hours each.

Does not include design time.

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