Friday, June 05, 2009

#IeL09 The End of a Long Week

This is not Scoble.
(it's Peter from ADL - who happened to find Scoble's nametag lying on the floor)

This conference was incredibly validating.

I love walking away from a week knowing that yes, despite seeming a bit "out there" in the eyes of my co-workers and clients and other members of the broader professional community, I am on the right track.

And that there are people who feel the same way I do, fighting the same battles.

I loved being able to bounce ideas off of people of like mind with different experiences and perspectives. This networking time was as valuable as the sessions themselves. In a couple of cases, even more-so.

Something that struck me looking at the GameJam boards yesterday:

We spend so much time talking about designing games.

Maybe we ought to consider ways to incorporate some off-the-shelf games and put them in an educational context.

This might be a way to ease into incorporating richer, more interactive media into a class. Begin getting our more traditional colleagues thinking. If they don't have to go through the design process for the game (much less the class), maybe it would be an easier way to bring them over to our side...

Kicking this around.......

I love that the DAU is actually building the thing that I want to ultimately build.

I think they are going to provide the model for what a fully integrated learning program actually looks like - including "pull" functionality that will help eliminate some of the digging around students have to do now.

I can...not...wait to see how this evolves.


I also loved that the DAU has a leader who is a big fan of rapid prototyping.
- Get it
- play with it
- figure it out
- then sell it to the uppers.

These guys aren't asking permission to experiment. And they have a leader who encourages it.

I heard a couple of other iterations of the same thing at Innovations in eLearning.


Big takeaway from the 3D Virtual Worlds session - we are not quite there yet in terms of easy to use tools to build this type of environment.

And we are CERTAINLY not there yet in terms of design.

Technology rich - practice poor


It's been fun! Thanks to the Mark Oehlert and Chris StJohn for inviting me.
Thanks to everyone I talked to for stretching my brain.

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