Monday, June 01, 2009

#ASTD09 Basic Cartooning for the Trainer

Presentation: Basic Cartooning for the Artistically Challenged Trainer
Presenter: Mike Artell - Author/Illustrator

I am not certain how well this session will blog.

Hopefully, I can use the spiffy cool PowerPoint napkin shown at DevLearn08 to help.

1 picture worth a thousand words.
- People who train tend to talk.
- We think in pictures. [but I'm going to text this presentation,....because that's how I roll :') ]

Remember pictures! Think in pictures, never forget.
- something about seeing the visual.


Free drawings!

Can't do anything until you get their attention!

Boat = watermelon on a stick for most.
Almost everyone draw from side.

Anything you draw - most draw from the side. Gotta change the way you look at things.
- Move AROUND things.

Help you get and keep attention with drawings.

If go at it from a certain point of view, will change.
- WE have to change. The situation is NOT GOING TO CHANGE.
- People want one thing from you - MORE

Picture doens't change - YOU change.

Creativity in the brain, not the pen.

Sometimes, need to remove. How you look at and reframe makes all the difference.

If talking about change for the sake of change vs. real change.
Eleven + Two = 13
Twelve + One = 13 (rearrange the letters - same result)

Important thing about expressions - eyes and mouth.
- Noses not important
- Mittens for hand
- Everything goes up when happy! Down when angry. Gestures get closed.

Don't assume you have to draw the entire character!

Take any cliche and make it literal.

Keep it simple.

Using Wacom pad - hardware and software $100 bucks. Pressure sensitive. Lots of pens. No wire [audience - NOW you're talking!!!!]

3 dimentional - no horizontal lines.

Don't draw the whole thing
- Waste of time, not as interesting.
- Zoom in! Zoom out! Look at comics.

If draw really really big - will be fine!
- don't have to draw the whole person.
- Worse you draw - bigger ought to be drawing!

Females - smaller shoulders

[you will notice from these drawings that the gap between eye and hand in drawing....very large]

Trunk + big floppy ears = elephant.

Diversity - different salt shaker people. Short, tall, different features.
Younger you are, the rounder you drawing....
- Tiny ears, lower and far apart eyes, little nose, no neck, round - baby
- Eyes a bit closer, little more nose, eyes higher - youth
- Eyes in, more nose, eyes higher, face longer, adult
- Eyes in, bigger ears, face longer, long skinny neck - old.

In real life
Eyes in the middle of the head in real life.
Straight down from middle of eyes - where lips are
Distance from between eyebrows to tip of nose, ear size.

[kinda more fun watching this guy draw]

Make young animal - big head in relation to body. Shorten the body = younger.

TO show speed - draw the hand, tail, etc once - then draw overlapping pieces, with parentheses.

Make anything feminine by giving eyelashes.

Signs - make sure fingers go past edge.

Anthropomorphization - great to take non-human things and give human characteristics. Makes them come alive.


I gave up very quickly on the PowerPoint thing. The guy was moving WAY too fast.

This is a picture of part of my work during the class. I won't show you the other side of the sheet.

Every artist in America can breathe easier......

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