Monday, April 06, 2009

Keeping it short

I spent some quality time in the weeds last week. Just now peeking out. I think it's safe.....

Lesson learned: If you want help - ask for it on THEIR terms not yours. I don't particularly like this lesson. I have grand dreams of everyone working the same way I do with the same definition of what teamwork entails. I am also delusional. Last week was a strong reminder of this fact.


Happy Birthday Stephen Downes! I have learned so much from you. :')


Some ugly points on the way to the 2nd Southeastern Division Championship for the Capitals. I hope this is not a harbinger of their style of play for the playoffs.

I guess they don't call them "Cardiac Caps" for nothing.


I've started grouping with my little warrior gnome - Ellyz (Zangarmarsh server, US). Thankfully, the guild leader - Iamawarlock - is a senior player with multiple characters and has played a tank-warrior. He's been patiently guiding me through the fine points of tanking and grouping. It's been interesting and I'm still getting the feel for how things work. Very happy I managed to find one person who is patient enough to let me learn on the job.


I saw Mark O has discovered Squeez Bacon. I am deeply frightened.

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