Monday, March 23, 2009

Performance Management Overview

This turned out to be a more technical overview and product introduction than an introduction to Performance Management as a concept.

Plus they read from the slides (I HATE that)

Here are my notes from the 15 minutes I sat in the room.


Presentation: Performance Management Overview
Mike Salisbury and Kamakshi Mallikarjun, SunGard Higher Education

Gartner Definition:
Performance management is the combination of management methodologies, metrics and IT that enable users to define, monitor and optimize results and outcomes to achieve personal or departmental objectives across multiple organizational levels (personal, process, group, departmental, corporate, or business ecosystem).

Improving performance requires Organizational Alignment
- Align org to strategic goals
- Link managerial action to accomplish goals
- Align budget requests and funding to desired outcomes
- Align internal activities with strategic plan
- Foster employee abilities and commitment to objectives
- Define measures and targets.

Goals – statement of what we want to achieve

Objectives – must be measurable.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) – quantitative measures used to evaluate business performance against expected results

Initiatives – specific programs / activities / projects to meet KPI targets

Helps to have repository of performance information across entire Performance Management Process cycle.

Example - enrollment
- Review and plan – look at current levels, campagns
- Monitor and Measure – track enrollment funnel
- Report and Analyze – how are we doing?

Only 33% actually have a clear enrollment plan. Even fewer have quantitative targets (28%)

Performance Management brings value to all levels of institution.
- Performance data – am I achieving my goals? (Executives - scorecards)
- Trend / Summary Data – How am I doing? What should we be doing? (Dashboards, reports, analytics, some ad-hoc for lover level knowledge workers)
- Detailed data – What is going on? What do I need to do? (ad hoc)

(Basically reading from slides. Will get PowerPoint later and go elsewhere.)

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