Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Instructional Design for Faculty

Presentation: Instructional Design for Faculty
Presenter: Mary Jane Heider, Genesee Community College

My Takeaways:
None really. But it’s an interesting model for getting faculty up to speed.

Genesee has outsourced its entire IT department to SunGard.

(Dear mucky muck….please don’t get any ideas…….)

She also teaches an online course herself with the same tools – which gives her credibility with the faculty.

Labs – in-person. Lectures – online

(Interesting that they make it a point to have the stuff best done face-to-face still done face-to-face.)

Your faculty have to be comfortable teaching online.
- Hired subject matter experts for faculty
- Much of their faculty K-12 background so many have some pedagogy background.

Gotta provide pedagogical and technical training to the faculty.
- But remember main role to teach students (for this institution)
- Work in environment where many don’t have access to broadband. Some don’t even have telephones (wired or wireless)

Ongoing program (8 years old now).

Original program.
- 10% of credit hours online (still this way)
- Originally – training opportunities ad hoc or haphazard.
+ Lots of last-minute desperation
- No reward system in place for teaching online, learning technology
+ Except for the eternal gratitude of the administration
- Faculty reported needing more time to develop online materials. Money a minor issue.

Why it works
- Well established Associate degree teacher transfer curriculum
- Exec VP wanted organized training program to train more faculty in teaching distance learning (sr. manager buy-in and champion)
- Release time placed in the budget if participate in class. This is a big reward.

Instructional team
- Dean of Learning Technologies
- Dean of Curriculum and Instruction (no longer at college)
- Chair of Education
- Director Academic Computing
- Team taught
- Part of “other duties as assigned” for positions

Talked to faculty about why they teach.
- No tenure. Continuing appointment. After 1st – similar to tenure.
- As part of 1st continuing appointment interview – will be asked why they teach

Developed a formal 1 semester course – EDF211 – Instructional Design
- Through regular degree program
- Really a graduate-level course in other education programs.
+ Originally designed like a grad program. Heavy reading load. Cut back significantly. This was done on top of many teaching 4 completely different courses.
- They are only undergrad
- Prereq – EDF 201, Introduction to Education or permission
- This is really just a faculty course. Not really for students. “Not invited.”
- Most work on #5 – based on Bational ed tech standards and performance indicators. Develop course.

Beginning – truly geared towards faculty teaching online
- Even if not teaching online – good pedagogy
- Serving as mandatory orientation course for ALL new faculty.
- Using it as model of good instruction. They get to see their model for what a good course looks like.
- Lots of hands-on work building course material as part of the course.
- Big sale – “you have my undivided attention during the lab” 1-on-1 time that they may not ask for.
- Course runs about 12 weeks – give Faculty time to end their own semester
- Front-load as much as possible to give Faculty time during their busiest part of the semester.

Adjuncts do not get courseload reduction. Volunteer for Adjunct.
- Many participate because it helps them get full time employment either at Genesee or elsewhere.
- Great resource for learning about the institution and participate in activities that happen on “main campus” that they may not otherwise see.

Variety of disciplines and courses across time and in any one semester.
- Help develop communities across departments
- Can cross-pollinate with each other.

Still very face-to-face because the casual dialog is incredibly valuable.

Networking almost as much of an objective as the actual stated objective.

Important to give people things that they can use right away
- Technology used from the get-go
- Very flexible examples – they do their own projects.

Encourage faculty to customize courses to fit them and their style.
- Student learning outcomes on every single course. Not in stone. Re-evaluating the outcomes for the course they are teaching part of the course

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