Monday, March 23, 2009

Help! I Need to Train a University!

Presentation: Help!!! I Need to Train a University
Presenter: Linda J Dorn, University of St. Thomas St. Paul MN

I’ve been looking forward to this one. I may not have a huge role to play in this upgrade, but the next upgrade looks to be a major interface change. Better to find models now, before I need them. Beats panic mode.

- Workshops - 15 minute scenario + uninterrupted computer lab time + people to answer questions = invaluable. (this is the 2nd time I've heard this today)

- This presenter put together a really nice site of resources.


Works in a technical team in the Registrar’s Office.
60% of time on Banner.
Create online trainng videos, documentation, f2f, Help Desk.
Maintains Registrar’s website
Commencement coordinator.

Went to Banner 6 years ago. Banner Student 2004.
Banner 8.1 implementation scheduled in August.

Will be redoing everything.

No central training area. She trains on Student module.
Others do Admissions, Billing, etc.

University of St. Thomas training model.
- Training sub-groups
- Training documentation (hard copy and online)
- Focus groups
- Training sessions (both online videos and classrooms)
- Training workshops
- Where to go for help
- Updating documentation
- Ongoing training plan

Uses Captivate and Camtasia

Training sub-groups
- Members from various areas of University
- Really need input from both grad and undergrad. Assisted in training program.
- They WANTED to be involved. Help take care of roadblocks.

Sub-group members
- Asked to attend train the trainer sessions
- Read through documentation
- Committed to 2-3 hour meetings 3-4 months out. Started weekly. (Planning)
- Created training objectives, outlines, exercises and documentation.

Main trainer + assistants.
+ Committee member either served as main or assistant.

- Used
- Use other ideas. Steal and share.
- Go to – search for Banner doc.
- Includes:
+ QR guides
+ Step-by-steps
+ Training manual
+ Documentation both hard copy and online. She moved to BlackBoard.

Focus Groups
- Get feedback on the training design and documentation
- Use focus group before “real training”
- Use suggestions to update course and documentation
- Asked people to sit through training session
+ Asked whether objectives met
+ Like and improvement
- Focus groups “show and tell” rather than dress rehearsal. Discussed concepts that may happen in training rather than actually doing the training.
- All focus group members required to attend official training sessions.
(Training predicated on full face-to-face)
- People really wanted to see the system. Lots of volunteers

Training for Maintenance (Data Entry)
- Banner Orientation pre-requisite for module training
+ Also online FERPA prereq
- Training sessions, both campuses (F2F)
- One trainer + one assistant per session
- Most sessions for maintenance access conducted in computer lab
- Class outline – Banner Schedule
+ Documentation
+ Hands-on practice
- Lesson plan for consistency between trainers
- Questions allowed throughout session
- Question and Answer
- Checks for learning (not really a big deal.)
- Number of training sessions.

3 people as main trainers. Attempt at consistency.
- Did follow-up email with questions and answers to everyone.

Training requirements for Query access
- Banner Orientation for pre-requisite
- Created Camtasia. Realized too many people. Now solely online.
- Documentation available online
- Online Security Access form (training before security)
- Work with IRT to set up access.
- Users may train when convenient for them.

Online training videos – there is some training involved.
- Camtasia and Captivate easy to use.
- Still have to train yourself to use the tools
- Once done – people are self-sufficient.

Training workshops during conversion
- Repetition is KEY
- For Catalog / Schedule – offered 10 workshops
- Workshops offered in computer labs
- Afer refresher workshop – attendees worked on their courses and sections.
- Sub-group members there to assist
- Question and answer email
- Very well received. People could work without interruptions.
- Still offered well after implementation. Well liked since they can work with live resources.

Registrar’s Office does not maintain all course sections.
- Maintain catalog - course
- Coordinators maintain individual sections.
- Graduate school responsible for both course and sections.

Updating Documentation
- Prior to upgrades
- When policies change
- Correct errors
- Update screenshots
- Semi-annual review of all docs.

Refresher Training
- Still have refresher workshops
+ Faculty Load
+ Catalog and Schedule
+ Registration
+ Academic History and Grading

New Release Training
- Banner 5 to 6
+ Training videos
+ Updated docs
- Banner 6 – 7
+ Videos
+ Update training docs
+ Workshops on Concurrent Curricula

- Banner 8
+ Videos
+ Update training docs
+ Will offer f2f (TBD)
+ Will work with IT. Ask them to attend

Help Resources
- Very impt. Let people feel self-sufficient
- Use Banner Help Resources (vendor)
- Documentation
- BlackBoard
- HelpDesk to log and forward to appropriate person. Plus track type of question.

Templates available
(Some great stuff on this site)

Made sure had a glossary, QR navigation.
- Translate from old language to new language where needed.
- Step by Step guide. Again – focused on form name. Liked the step by step guides.
- (Everything in Word)

Checks for learning
- Exercises to find particular items. Use the system.
- Went through it together so all had answer (can turn this into evaluation)

Consistent lesson plan including setup instructions for instructors.
- Tried to dummy-proof. Everyone says same thing at same time.

Use SnagIt for screen capture.
- Can use SnagIt to emphasize information or take sections of reports.
- Emphasize particular areas.
- Also spotlight and magnify.

Jing – free video recording software. Esp. something quick.
Camtasia – not interactive

Also uses Captivate (still doing a lot of video rather than interactivity).

Lets people know how long video is.

There is a separate Banner Orientation site.
- Has data standards document
- Videos to view.
- Policies
- (their graphics are better than ours…..)

(this is a smaller institution than the one I work at).

- Share objectives
- Use for ideas
- Enlist helps from cross-functional areas
- Use focus groups
- Offer in person and online training
- Workshops as initial training and ongoing.

- Up to 100 people. Labs seat 20-25.
- Getting people to attend – no access unless people go to training. No Ferpa, No Banner Orientation. No access.
- As converted, if found they didn’t understand something – would do 1 on 1. Took extra time, but got support of university to do that.

- If can restrict access dependent upon whether person completed access – best practice.
+ Got buy in from top.
+ (Our organization – access first, then training. Don’t see that changing.)
+ Quizzing as part of training. Can get it. Nothing so formal as a quiz.

- With Captivate – now EVERYONE quizzes. Really interested in quizzing.

- Auburn – the trainer is the person also responsible for access. Does 1 on 1. Don’t master, tell supervisor. No access. May have had to train a few times. Some never get the access.

- Tracking – there are other tools available. Scavenge around.

- Little transition between online and f2f. Knew with Query access, no need to make someone sit in a classroom.
+ Also with new employees – training as soon as possible. Easier with online.
+ Can train right away. Worked really well.

- For workshops, will do overall refresher / scenario. They have own work with them. Computer Lab time. Can help as needed. Also uninterrupted.

- Banner Orientation. Different videos (IT area). Once completed the videos and form – sent to HR department. HR department checks off that they said they viewed orientation (no formal reporting?).
+ FERPA - online course. Student enrolls. Takes quiz. Tracks score. Minimum needed
+ Banner Orientation – not so formal
+ Query Access – relying on Supervisor saying that the person took the course.


Blogger In Middle-earth said...

Kia ora Wendy!

In 1992, I was Banner coordinator for Wellington University, in between jobs. I was based in the Registry Office.

My first project required me to train all the academic staff in a 1 on 1 program following a Banner upgrade.

I had been teaching adults for 5 years before that and for almost 20 years before that I was teaching secondary students. I found university staff, including professors and celebrities, a joy to work with!


Catchya later
from Middle-earth

Wendy said...

As I move through this conference - it is becoming increasingly apparent that this upgrade is more about optimizing old workflows and re-creating institutional knowledge and less about major retraining. This is good, since the institution has lost a tremendous amount of knowledge since the last upgrade and there is no central repository of information. Plus we have a lot of customizations that we are trying to get rid of.

Banner, to date, has only been about 5% (maybe) of my job. It will increase with this upgrade (obviously), but most of the responsibility will lie with the departments who "own" the various modules.

The process should be interesting.

And I fully agree - working with professors and university students is fun. Coming back to the higher ed environment after 7 years away was one of the better career moves I've made.