Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lessons on Networks

Yes - I am playing lots of World of Warcraft these days.

It's research. Really. Honest. Not affecting my blogging at all. Snerk.

Before diving in - I had previously pinged my network (the blog, facebook, my in-person friends) for advice.

"EvilSue" was kind enough to offer her services for EverQuest II. Being half-a-world away from each other poses some interesting logistical challenges. At some point, I will take her up on the offer to see how best to mitigate those challenges. And to give me an opportunity to play with Skype again.....

At the same time, I talked to one of my in-person friends who is one of the biggest gamers in my circle. Through Facebook, he pointed me to another one of his friends - a beta tester in World of Warcraft. Brian has been incredibly forthcoming with advice and assistance as I pick through all of the odd little details World of Warcraft offers.

Thanks Brian.

Once I started playing, and mentioned this fact to other in-person friends, World of Warcrafters (OK - don't know what we are called yet) among them began coming out of the woodwork. Especially among the bowling league.

So now, conversations traditionally centering around bowling techniques and the game have started centering around excellent techniques for Mages and the benefits of Alliance over Horde.

Of course, none of us are playing on the same servers. We're not coordinated enough yet.

I've started to recognize this same process happening with more "serious" questions (project management, best methods of ID in eLearning, how to solve particular problems).

So what is the point of this disjointed story?

That the first step in any inquiry is to ask the question in all of the forums / communities you participate in. You may wind up circling around back to your friends - but you get a wealth of perspective, a nudge to move forward, and an awful lot of help.

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