Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Game 10: World of Goo

Game: World of Goo
Platform: PC/Mac. Also available in Wii - but I can't play it on that platform right now because my SO has commandeered it.....
Price: $20.00 for the full version

This game combines a building puzzle with a story. Really entertaining. Especially if you like cartoon blobs. A demo version (a healthy-sized one at that) is available at the 2D Boy website.

Is the game fun? Why? The animation really makes this game. The developers have planted a backstory amongst what is essentially a puzzle game. I find myself becoming a huge fan of physics puzzle games. Why? Because, when done well, I can easily see how the contraption I build to solve a problem may work in the "real world." Even if I am missing specifics (like Goo with eyeballs that squeak at me).

Do I want to play this repeatedly? I'm really bummed that I haven't been able to get back to playing this yet. Hence the lengthy delay between Game 9 and Game 10. Stupid deadlines.....

What did I learn playing it? I'm afraid I haven't given this game as much attention as the other ones in this series. However, I was captured by the ability to use some of my prior knowledge of building things to solve the various puzzles in the game. The Marshmallow Tower icebreaker experience I had during grad school was particularly useful. And, no... I didn't eat the marshmallows. Didn't know where my teammates had been :'(>

What element(s) can I use when designing a game at work? Here is where this game's use of context helps. What can I pull from my audience's prior experiences to help them solve whatever puzzle I put in front of them to make my point?

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