Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What I Learned This Year

An attempt to tackle the end-of-the-year "Big Question" is an opportunity to reflect.
I'm getting a lot more out of the conferences I've been attending through my live-blogging. I've always taken copious notes - but the resulting feedback on those notes have been invaluable. Thanks!
The gap between theory and application is sometimes wider than it appears. Pounding out some baseline assumptions about education and learning from one's practice is proving to be incredibly challenging. Especially the "teacher = expert" assumption. Easy to talk the game. Much harder to do it. It's an assumption held by BOTH sides of the adult learning equation. And I am SOOOOOO not there yet.
Adding a bit of cognitive dissonance to my tutorials (slightly different narration vs. text caption) seems to be improving the effectiveness of the stuff I write and the positive feedback.
Very short chunks = happy students.
Big Ah-ha moment of the year - finally figuring out the relationship between Web 2.0 Technologies and Social Networking. Thanks Stephen Downes!!!!
I'm realizing I need to get more active in the greater e-Learning community and figure out ways to network. I've decided to take that on as Work Literacy project for next year. Especially since "people" is not an area where I'm particularly strong.
Over the past year, I've come to realize that I have found a comfortable niche among the greater eLearning community. All as a result of making my personal processing more public. Though I still write the blog for myself, I am incredibly thankful for the feedback, comments and friendships that have developed this year.

Thanks for reading this blog. I hope we can continue learning from each other over the next year. Happy Holidays!


Unknown said...

What a nice end of year summary. Looking forward to an even better 2009 reading your BLOG

Wendy said...

Thanks for commenting. Hope you have an excellent holiday.